Annual savings of $13,000 per patient

Annual savings of $13,000 per patient

35% reduced patient admission

35% reduced patient admission

25% reduced disease progression

25% reduced disease progression

39% reduced patient readmission

39% reduced patient readmission


  • Real-time continuous health monitoring

  • Health risk assessment and proactive secured communication

  • Smart scheduler for caregiver and nurse

  • Realtime visit monitoring of caregivers and nurses, activity capture

  • Capture proof of a visit

  • Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) using mobile stamped date, time, geo location and electronic signature


Vitals and historic health data, medication, and appointments

All health data is available in one single application and screen. Patients can view medication schedules, refills and appointment management from the same app


Proactive communication

Artificial Intelligence driven proactive communication between patients and care providers.

Supports two-step communication - one driven by the machine and the other through voice calls, SMS, email and video chat between patients and care providers.


Proactive care

Track patient using GPS data from their smartphone to send emergency care ambulance for onsite care or transportation to a hospital. Anytime, to and from anywhere.

How CardioClues Works


Access your dedicated cloud-based software

We set up your private cloud where we implement the software. It takes a few weeks to complete the set up and start using the software.

Connect all medical devices and wearables

We help you connect any wearable or health monitoring device that generates data such as heart rate, ECG, glucose, etc. to our software.

Get real-time health data and communicate with the patient

Remotely monitor and collect patient’s health data to assess and discover health risks which will help improve patient assistance and help prevent health problems.

Join the HealthChain ©

Automatically structure and index personal health data in one simplified app in CardioClues ©.

Register individual health data as individual’s  personal property on the IOTIED blockchain, while keeping user identity private. 

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Data driven healthcare

Data from a vast number of sources are drivers of IOTIED’s applications. We make data useful for various industries and verticals.