Mobile Health integrated software platform with application on cloud and on smart phone

The most innovative and technically advanced software built to deliver real needs of healthcare providers, insurance companies, automotive and wearable and connected device manufacturers. One single data model supports many industries those use individual’s health data to deliver services to their customers.


Hospitals & Home Care

Through real-time monitoring and better care management from CardioClues, hospitals and home care providers can reduce the need for patients’ medical visits, while ensuring better and suitable patient care.


Health & Life Insurance

Make better proposals and cut down on the processing time by quickly evaluating an individual’s health risk depending on their age and medical history using the specialized algorithms integrated into CardioClues.


Wearables & Devices

We take special interest in developing cooperation with new device makers to create better health awareness and help provide omnipresent care for patients.



CardioClues has the expertise to integrate the data from wearable devices and onboard sensors to deliver useful driver feedback, promoting passenger safety and avoiding dangerous driving situations.