HealthChain © is Blockchain powered and Integrated healthcare platform

IOTIED is preparing to deliver a complete solution, based on our proprietory and custom build Blockchain product. It enables individuals to gather and own their complete health data, control the data and share selective data with third parties such as doctors, care givers, labs, pharmacists, health insurance and life insurance companies. The software suite is a distributed ledger based product, secured and accessible both in the web and in an app.

CardioClues, a platform by Iotied, is an integrated software suite for hospitals and home-care companies, health insurance providers, medical device makers, and connected car manufacturers.  CardioClues seamlessly connected to a large number of monitoring monitoring devices, collects important health data, evaluates and predicts health risk.


Patient App and Caregiver App

Enables medical practitioners to provide remote diagnosis and prescribing medication, order refills and check patients medication consumption.

App for Caregivers and Nurses automatically tracks travel to patients using geo-fencing, records travel time, activities performed and provides patient signed activity completion report


Manage Patients, Caregivers and Care Delivery Logistics

Patented mathematical models and algorithms to discover health risks such as cardio problems. Use GPS location to know where someone needs help.


Integrate Existing Software and Data

Extensive and sophisticated technological innovation such as proprietary predictive models and deep machine learning